Translationships (VI)

In Translationships VI, Magdalena Edwards turns to an unlikely source for a new look at translation: Denis Villeneuve’s film DUNE (2021), as exemplified by its protagonist Paul.

Translationships (V)

In this new installment of Magdalena Edwards’s Translationships column, she reflects on translation via the cover song, drawing on the likes of David Bowie, the Pixies, and T. Rex.

Translationships (IV)

Magdalena Edwards and Adriana X. Jacobs discuss decomposition, thinking of poetry in terms of perfume, and Jacobs’ translations of Vaan Nguyen’s poetry from Modern Hebrew.

Translationships (III)

In her latest “Translationships,” Magdalena Edwards breaks down how she sees translated variations of Jean Cocteau’s play “La Voix Humaine” in three films by Pedro Almodóvar.

Translationships (II)

In her second installment of Translationships Magdalena Edwards reflects on the notion of consent as it relates to translation, with help from fellow translator Natasha Lehrer.

Translationships (I)

Magdalena Edwards explores the notion of TRANSLATIONSHIPS, relationships that connect us to others by way of language and translation. The first in a series here on Hopscotch.

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