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And Not Towards Peace: Afterword to Antonio Di Benedetto’s The Silentiary

by Esther Allen

Already, before it begins, the next novel Di Benedetto published, eight years laterabolishes, with a single modifier, Zama’s anguished sense of that strange and desolate paradise that belongs to him alone. Set apart from and preceding it, like an epigraph, a brief sentence situates The Silentiary in the postwar years following 1950, and in a city in “América Latina.” Which is no longer America itself… READ MORE

On the Origins of the Authors Guild Translation Model Contract

An Interview With Alex Zucker

The issue of pay for literary translators is particularly thorny. When I first got involved in advocacy, I felt strongly that we needed to establish a minimum rate … I think it’s clear—especially in this moment where we’re seeing so much precarity for so many workers in the United States, along with a really exciting surge in labor organizing and unionization—that we need new thinking about how to ensure that literary translation can be a viable profession economically… READ MORE

Yesterday’s Yesterday’s Paper: On Translating Kleist’s Anecdotes

by Matthew Spencer

Heinrich von Kleist, so far as I know, has never had a reputation for being an easy read. His elaborate syntax, his relentless narrative pacing, his scenes of incredible violence, have given him, in the two centuries following his death, an austere reputation. But there was a time, when he was still living, uncanonized, that he could be read quite easily, for the equivalent of €1.00, every weekday evening in his newspaper, the Berliner AbendblätterREAD MORE

Hopscotch Editors’ 2021 Roundup

by the Hopscotch Translation editorial team

For our final publication of 2021, the editors of Hopscotch Translation would like to offer a few thoughts on a handful of their favorite works in translation from the past year (or so)—and look forward to some of the many exciting new translations coming out in 2022! READ MORE

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