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This week, Hopscotch Translation turns six months old! To celebrate this milestone, we will be looking back at the many excellent pieces we have been so fortunate to publish these last six months. Follow the conversation on Twitter.

If you are interested in contributing a piece to Hopscotch, take a look at our new submission guidelines. To learn more about Hopscotch, check out our updated mission statement. And to receive recaps of what we’ve published at the end of each month, sign up for our newsletter (sign-up form at the bottom of each page).

Cascading Splendor: Doderer’s The Strudlhof Steps

by Geoffrey C. Howes

It is no exaggeration to say that Vincent Kling’s translation of Heimito von Doderer’s novel The Strudlhof Steps—the first in English—is a monumental achievement. Appearing exactly 70 years after the first publication of Die Strudlhofstiege in 1951, this 870-page tome assumes its deserved place alongside the translations of other great Austrian novels of the twentieth century… READ MORE

From Distance is a Root

A Dialogue between Franca Mancinelli and John Taylor

I have always felt words as an impossible translation of life. What escapes through the mesh of language is precisely what beckons me. Poetry is born from what exists before and beyond words. It is the language of the unsayable and the untranslatable which, deep down, constitutes our existence. A pre-Babelic language, a primal language: the vibration that runs through matter. Every time we speak we collide with a limit that is in language itself… READ MORE

A Writer Preoccupied

by Sam Carter

On the Avenida Nove de Julho, one of old São Paulo’s main thoroughfares, sat a hotel that quickly became one of the city’s best-known spots after it was built in the early 1950s. Managed by a group of Spaniards, the Hotel Cambridge offered more than 100 luxurious rooms spread across 16 floors, but perhaps its most popular space was a bar that hosted jazz and bossa nova greats and was frequented by international travelers and performers, Nat King Cole among them. Yet as São Paulo expanded over the years… READ MORE

The Parasite of Translation

by Johannes Göransson

In my book Transgressive Circulation (Noemi Press, 2019), I discuss anxieties about translation that have contributed to not just the exclusion and marginalization of translation in US poetry discussions. To begin with there’s the ideal of poetry as something noiseless, something the author is in control of. Translations are rarely discussed, and when they are, the discussions tend to be focused on the idea that the translation should replicate an “original” with as little distortion as possible… READ MORE

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